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  • SEGMENT November 2014

    • Brilliant market prospects - Use of fly ash in concrete and cement
    • Perfectly balanced - Fly ash logistics
    • Faster and more efficient - New pallet handling system
    • Safeguarding the future supply - Availability of power plant by-products

    SEGMENT May 2014

    • Fly ash meets heavyweight - Tenwinkel produces concrete weights with attractive designs
    • Unforgettable Christmas for everyone - STEAG Power Minerals cooperates with Dinslakener Tafel food bank
    • Effectiveness scientifically confirmed - First field tests for innovative concrete additive Photoment®
    • EXTRA: Your personal match schedule for the World Cup!

    SEGMENT November 2013

    • Versatile, ecological, unique - FGD gypsum by STEAG Power Minerals
    • Leviathan with 44,000 tons - Biggest fl y ash transport in company history
    • Hawar Power Minerals launches - New Joint Venture with Hawar Group
    • Education as a key asset - Training at STEAG Power Minerals

    SEGMENT May 2013

    • New Power from Fresh Sources - New hard coal fired power plants about to go on stream
    • Looking ahead - Blasting Abrasives business unit positioned for future challenges
    • Tested systems for highest standards - STEAG Power Minerals plants prepare for ISO 9001 certification
    • Clean air with Photoment® - Innovative concrete admixture from STEAG Power Minerals and KRONOS

    SEGMENT November 2012

    • Use of fly ash in national and international construction projects
    • Fast and efficient - eBilling successfully launched
    • The Wehrhahn-Line - Modern and sustainable infrastructure for Düsseldorf
    • Common principles - STEAG Power Minerals develops corporate value

    SEGMENT May 2012

    • Kick-off - All Europe in football fever: The EURO 2012 draws close
    • Mega-building - The Vodafone Campus in Düsseldorf: STEAG Power Minerals is part of it
    • Rapid response - STEAG helps disaster victims in Mindanao
    • Business gazelles - STEAG Energo Mineral wins award for growth

    SEGMENT November 2011

    • Heading for new horizons
    • S Class from Rugeley
    • Circuit training for managers

    SEGMENT February 2011

    • Logistics as key to successful disposal!

    SEGMENT November 2009

    • Cooling water lines with steament
    • News: MINERALplus and REMEX pool their strenghts
    • Logistics: Service makes the difference

    SEGMENT April 2009

    • Cooling water lines with steament
    • News: MINERALplus and REMEX pool their strenghts
    • Logistics: Service makes the difference

    SEGMENT Dezember 2008

    • "Cementing the future of fly ash" Workshop in London
    • Säureresistente Betone und ihre Anwendung
    • Papierfasern für Gipskartonplatten 

    SEGMENT September 2008

    • "Closed-loop recycling from a different angle..."
    • News: Would you believe it?
    • Technology: Fly ash - from foundation to cooling tower

    SEGMENT May 2008

    • In April, MINERALplus inaugurated the high-density backfill material plant in Staßfurt
    • News: 250 experts attended the 7th BVK/VGB specialist conference
    • Technology: Co-operation between the government and industry for environmental protection

    SEGMENT Dezember 2007

    • Wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihren Familien ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest und ein erfolgreiches neues Jahr.
    • Aktuelles: Wer macht denn so was? Wir machen so was! - Evonik Industries
    • Technik: SVB - Normung und praktische Anwendung

    SEGMENT August 2007

    • News: A day on the building site
    • Technology: 5,000 m2 self-compacting (prestressed) concrete with steament for the construction of four sludge digestion tanks

    SEGMENT April 2007

    • Table of contents: Education is our priority
    • Technology: SEG Group laboratory bekomes a "VMPA permanent concrete testing facility"

    SEGMENT Dezember 2006

    • News: SEG goes British
    • Technology: News Regulations for Fly Ash in Concrete

    SEGMENT September 2006

    • Lastest developments: Energo Mineral Makes Contract with PULAWY Industrial Power Plant
    • Technology: Accounting for Fly Ash in the Use of CEM II/B-M (S-LL)

    SEGMENT April 2006

    • Lastest developments: ASIKOS Helps Dresden Cental Station with its Comeback
    • Technology: Degussa and SEG Are Jointly Improving Concrete

    SEGMENT December 2005

    • We wish you and your families a reflective christmas and a successful new year.
    • Lastest developments: Sulfat Resistant Concrete - No Problem with Fly Ash
    • Technology: HYDROSTAB - Constructing of Test Areas Successfully Completed

    SEGMENT September 2005

    • Lastest developments: German mining museum Bochum shines like new
    • Technology: The right quantity of fly ash is essential

    SEGMENT May 2005

    • Lastest developments: BVK/VGB Fly Ash Conference: "Fly ash in concrete - New insights"
    • Technology: Avioiding harmful alkali affregats reaction (AAR) with fly ash

    SEGMENT December 2004

    • We wish you and your families a reflective christmas and a successful new year.

    SEGMENT Dezember 2003

    • Wir wünschen Ihnen ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und ein gutes neues Jahr!

    SEGMENT Mai 2003

    • Architektonischer Beton mit Schmelzkammergranulat

    SEGMENT Januar 2002

    • Selbstverdichtener Beton mit Steinkohlenflugasche

    SEGMENT Juni 2001

    • Universelle Betonprüfung