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    Profound changes in the European energy market and, as a result, declining quantities of power plant by-products pose new challenges to us. Our strong, internationally growing network helps us ensure the supply of our customers in the best possible way.

    Long-term agreements with power plants at home and abroad give us the most secure access to power plant by-products in Germany and Europe. Through our subsidiaries and the cooperation with regionally networked partners we continuously respond to market changes in order to provide reliable delivery of high-quality construction materials to our customers. 

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    MINERALplus is an expert for the safe recycling and disposal of industrial wastes. Other business segments are construction materials production and landfill deposition.


    STEAG Energo Mineral

    STEAG Energo Mineral is the partner that handles the management of power plant by-products in Poland and the eastern part of Germany.


    Power Minerals Ltd.

    Power Minerals Ltd. is a specialist for the marketing of power plant by-products in the United Kingdom.


    Euroment B.V.

    Euroment, set up in 1992, markets concrete additives such as fly ash and limestone powder in the Benelux.



    Powerment is our specialist for the collection of by-products from hard coal-fired power plants and for the marketing of these by-products in the construction industry in southern Germany and the neighboring countries.


    Hawar Power Minerals

    Hawar Power Minerals, headquartered in Qatar, is the partner for the management of power plant by-products and cement raw materials in the Gulf region.


    Involvement in trade associations

    We are continuously expanding our network so that we can competently serve our customers at all time in all matters relating to power plant by-products like fly ash, blasting abrasives or FGD gypsum.

    By sending employees to trade associations, STEAG Power Minerals actively participates in the representation of industry interests and the formulation of technical and statutory regulations:

    • VGB PowerTech e.V. - international technical association for the generation and storage of power and heat
    • European Coal Combustion Products Association e.V. (ECOBA)
    • Wirtschaftsverband Mineralische Nebenprodukte e.V. (WIN, business association for mineral by-products)
    • Bundesverband Baustoffe - Steine und Erden e.V. (German Building Materials Association)
    • Fachverband angewandte Photokatalyse im Verband der Mineralfarbenindustrie e.V. (German Federation for Applied Photocatalysis)