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  • History

    • 1979

      STEAG Power Minerals, then trading under the name STEAG Entsorgungs GmbH (SEG), is established. Its task: to develop recycling techniques for power plant by-products and operate treatment plants.

    • 1981

      STEAG Entsorgungs GmbH (SEG) also takes on the marketing of the residues – thus becoming a company that, for the first time, could offer all recycling and disposal services all year round and from under one roof. SEG already had a reputation then for expert technical consultancy and support to customers from the power generation and construction industries. In addition, the company developed its technical facilities further and took an active part in committees and associations. The company’s own logistics network including storage facilities also was continuously expanded. It even erected its own lime-sand brickworks and a fly ash drying plant which is unique in Europe.

    • 1980 - 2012

      Not only STEAG, but other power plant operators as well concluded disposal agreements with STEAG Power Minerals in the 1980s and 1990s. In addition, the company further expanded its national and European network especially since the turn of the millennium. In 2002 the company acquired ASIKOS Strahlmittel GmbH. Since SEG was established it had cooperated closely with this market leader for blasting abrasives. In 2012 ASIKOS was then integrated in the parent company. 

    • 2013

      STEAG Power Minerals continues to pursue its international growth strategy: with the Qatari joint venture Hawar Power Minerals the European market leader strengthens its presence in the Gulf region. In addition, with Photoment® STEAG Power Minerals puts a construction material on the market that receives the GreenTec Award for its air-cleaning properties. That same year, a ship with 44,000 tonnes of fly ash on board heads for the USA for the first time.

    • 2014

      STEAG Power Minerals looks back on a 35-year success story. In its anniversary year, with just under 100 employees the company generates sales revenues of about 75 million euros and recycles around three million tonnes of power plant by-products.

    • 2016

      Effective 1 January 2016 the HAWAR Group joins STEAG Power Minerals as strategic partner with a minority shareholding. The objective is to strengthen one’s own position in growth markets like the Gulf region and Southeast Asia with a strong, well networked partner. Europe remains an important core business region for the company.