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  • Our quality is measurable

    Our commitment to quality encompasses our entire range of products and services. Product manufacture makes allowance for the applicable quality standards in order to provide you with impeccable goods, without exception, at all times. Where services are involved, our primary concern is always to give you expert and well-targeted support with coordinated processes.

    A quality management system certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and customer satisfaction surveys help us adapt our services to the needs of our customers and further improve our processes. Recent customer surveys prove that our customers especially appreciate the great helpfulness and technical expertise of our employees and regard STEAG Power Minerals as a company that can be relied upon and that additionally bases its actions on comprehensive compliance guidelines.

    Energy saving and digital invoices: reducing environmental impact

    Our energy management is certified to DIN EN ISO 50001. Particularly at our blasting abrasives plant in Lünen, which accounts for the bulk of the energy consumption, we continuously strive to reduce the energy requirements of the plant systems. We have invested in energy efficiency measures over the past years. One example of this is the introduction of a new software for system control in our blasting abrasives plant.

    In 2012 we introduced eBilling. The option of electronic invoicing simplifies billing processes at both ends while reducing impact on the environment. With eBilling we reduce the consumption of toner, paper and energy and additionally cut the CO2 emissions produced by the postal delivery of printed invoices. Digital invoicing thus is another important component of our environmental management system, which is certified to DIN EN ISO 14001.

    Are you already a customer of ours, but have not yet switched to eBilling? We would be happy if together with us you help to boost efficiency and protect the environment!


    Integrated management system based on the latest generation of standards

    The requirements posited by the three management systems are mutually interlinked; all relevant processes now are going to be organized by an integrated management system. In 2017 the elements of the quality and environmental management systems will be changed over to the new standards generation of 2015, and the “risk-based approach” enshrined in them will be applied to the processes. Furthermore, our operations are certified under the German specialist waste management company regulations.

    Recycling of fly ash: a contribution to resource conservation

    Incidentally, by upgrading fly ash, a by-product of power generation, to a high-quality construction material we make an important contribution to resource conservation. As concrete additive, fly ash can replace other components that have bigger CO2 footprints. If fly ash is used as the main component of the cement, the ecological footprint of concrete can be reduced per tonne of fly ash used by almost a tonne of CO2. The use of fly ash in concrete permits substituting both cement and aggregate. This conserves natural resources that otherwise would have to be consumed for these natural products.