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  • Commitment to the needy, to tolerance and education

    As an internationally operating company we are well aware of the importance and value of intercultural exchange based on mutual respect. We also know that the future of our company lies in the hands of coming generations.

    For this reason we are committed to work on behalf especially of children and young people in our communities, promote their educational opportunities, their creativity and their tolerance towards other cultures. At our Lünen site we have assumed a sponsorship for the “School without Racism – School with Courage” project at the Realschule Brambauer. Since 2015, students with roots in more than 20 nations have been taking an active stand against discrimination and for multicultural, tolerant coexistence – values that have the greatest significance also at our company.

    Self-confidence, creativity and cultural interest are encouraged in the children’s club of the regional theater Burghofbühne Dinslaken. In the theater project, children between the ages of eight and eleven can freely express themselves on stage. STEAG Power Minerals furthers the participation of children from low-income families. Our intention is to do our part so that access to cultural education is not a question of parental income in future.

    Since 2013 we have also been involved in the Dinslakener Tafel food bank. Traditionally, during the pre-Christmas period our employees donate food for needy families and presents for their children.