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    the innovation for clean air in our cities

    The development of Photoment® is our response to an urgent social challenge: pollution of the air with nitrogen oxides – especially in conurbations with their heavy traffic – is an international problem. In its air quality report published in 2015 the European Environmental Agency puts the number of deaths attributable in 2012 to air pollution caused by NO2 at 75,000 across Europe. Many cities where NOX levels are particularly high now are considering driving bans for diesel-powered vehicles that emit excessive amounts of nitrogen oxides.

    Photoment® can help to reduce the health-harming nitrogen oxides. Photoment® is used as a fine-grained powder in the manufacture of concrete goods (e.g. concrete paving stones). On a Photoment® surface, exposure to light triggers a photocatalytic reaction by which the toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the air are transformed into non-toxic nitrates (NO3-). The quantity of nitrates is so small that it is not harmful to the environment or to health and is simply flushed into the groundwater with the next rainfall.

    Every square meter with Photoment® therefore reduces the harmful nitrogen oxide levels by photocatalysis. The reaction can be repeated any number of times, as the photocatalyst itself is not used up or impaired. The unique feature of Photoment® is that nitrogen oxides are not only decomposed under sunlight, but also under artificial lighting.

    A further benefit: Photoment® surfaces stay clean for longer and clean themselves.* The reaction of the titanium dioxide in the Photoment® with the light also causes a “superhydrophilic” surface – one with a great propensity to attract water – to form. As a result, dew or rainwater spreads out across the surface. Particles of dirt and organic substances are undermined by the water and flushed off by the next rainfall. The growth of organic matter such as algae, mosses, lichens or fungi is inhibited.

    Photoment® is an example of innovation and advanced development at STEAG Power Minerals: the photocatalytically active concrete additive was developed in many years of work together with KRONOS, a leading manufacturer of titanium dioxide, and now is available to the market.

    Detailed information about Photoment®, an overview of the implemented projects and a wide selection of information media are available at www.photoment.com.

    *The self-cleaning effect depends to a significant extent on compliance with the instructions for manufacturing and laying (see Technical Data).