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  • Power plant by-products

    With STEAG Power Minerals you know you always have a competent partner at your side.
    We see to the recovery of your power plant by-products, advise you on the choice of suitable
    products and supply them to you with the help of our efficient logistics network.

    Storage and Transport

    Solutions for Power Plant By-products

    Securing the supply of power plant by-products such as fly ash and REA gypsum despite difficult market conditions: our logistics network creates the best conditions.

    Customers, for example, who use our fly ash in their concrete or cement have an increased need for deliveries especially during the summer months, when weather conditions permit more construction work than in the winter.

    However, seeing as the available quantity of our fly ash and other power plant by-products depends on the utilization of the power plants, which produce more electricity and thus more power plant by-products particularly during the winter, we have built up a flexible logistics network over many decades in order to supply our customers with the desired products as best possible.

    With the help of our partner network and various transshipment and storage facilities we meet our obligation to our power plant customers to collect their by-products.

    On the other hand, our access to ample silo capacities and transport channels enables us to ensure the supply of our construction materials customers in the best possible manner even during the months in which power plants generally produce less fly ash and other power plant by-products.

    The observance of all environmental and safety requirements is equally as important to us as reliable delivery to our customers.