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    We offer you products for various fields of application. Find out more about our products and benefit from our many years of expertise in power plant by-products, concrete additives and aggregates, blasting abrasives and industrial minerals.

    Products of STEAG Power Minerals

    Fly ash

    Versatile, environmentally friendly, economical and especially valuable for the building materials industry.


    Bottom ash

    Bottom ash is a versatile lightweight aggregate.


    Blast furnace slag/ground granulated blast furnace slag

    Blast furnace slag and ground granulated blast furnace slag are sustainable and durable binders for the construction industry and can substitute large amounts of cement and cement clinker.


    FGD gypsum

    Highly pure FGD gypsum provided by STEAG Power Minerals can substitute natural cement in many applications.



    Photoment® is our innovative and award-winning answer to high air pollution levels in our cities.



    Because of their high reactivity, our absorbents are used in a multitude of industrial processes.


    Abrasives and industrial minerals

    We provide abrasives and industrial minerals for a wide range of applications – from blast cleaning and product finishing work to deburring and shaping processes.