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    MINERALplus GmbH is a subsidiary of STEAG Power Minerals. The company specialises in the disposal of industrial waste and the production of building materials from waste.

    MINERALplus focuses its industrial waste management activities on the recycling of incineration residues, sludge and other waste. As a waste disposal partner to industry, the company organises demand-oriented waste management and industrial services for complex plants.

    Waste disposal

    One core competence is the economical and legally compliant disposal of your waste. MINERALplus specialises in the following types of waste:

    Waste from incineration and air pollution control processes

    • Ashes (e.g. fluidised bed ashes from hard coal combustion, sewage sludge combustion ashes, spray absorption products from flue gas desulphurisation, grate ashes)
    • Dust (e.g. from waste incineration, waste incineration, biomass power plants, industrial exhaust air and exhaust gas cleaning)
    • Gypsum (RAA filter cake, neutralisation gypsum)
    • Reaction products from flue gas cleaning (e.g. loaded adsorbents)

    Sludges / substitute fuels

    • Power plant and industrial sludges
    • mud ponds
    • Municipal sludges
    • sewage plant residues
    • industrial soot
    • petroleum coke
    • paper sludges

    Other wastes / by-products

    • Lime and sulphur fertilizers
    • Residual materials from the paper industry
    • mill scale sludges
    • granulated blastfurnace slag
    • cupola furnace slags

    Waste management

    All waste management services in connection with the disposal of your waste, up to complete site disposal.

    In addition to the economic optimisation of your waste flows and disposal, we offer:

    • Takeover of transport logistics
    • Provision of the collection systems
    • Documentation of all material flows
    • Advice on waste law issues
    • material flow management

    Industrial service

    Beyond pure waste disposal, with MINERALplus we organise for your location:

    • Industrial cleaning
    • terminations
    • area redevelopment
    • disassembly
    • pollutant
    • cleanups


    On the MINERALplus website you can find out more about our disposal partner